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The Maze of Cadiz by Aly Monroe - 13 November 2008

Maze of Cadiz PaperbackThe Maze of Cadiz is set in September 1944, just five years after the end of the Spanish Civil War. The Second World War is drawing to a close and Franco’s fascist government, nominally neutral, is shifting its allegiance away from Hitler and towards the allies.

Peter Cotton, a 25 year old Cambridge economics graduate who has been investigating the smuggling of Nazi gold from Holland for British Intelligence, is sent to Cadiz, on the southern tip of Spain, on an apparently simple apprenticeship mission: to relieve Ronald May, the agent there, of his duties and discover what has happened to funds that have not been accounted for. When he arrives in Spain, however, he learns that May has been found dead.  He finds an unlikely ally in the local police chief, who models himself on Clark Gable, and finally discovers the tremendous implications of what May has been up to and what action he must take.

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George Haggerty, Orange County Register: ...a gripping thriller ...precision and grace ... rich authenticity. Let's hope Monroe finds an American readership and the book becomes more readily available here soon. Read more..

Financial Times, Natasha Cooper: an impressive novel ..... beautifully written .....vividly rendered.... The next can't come too soon. Read more..

Spectator, Andrew Taylor: Monroe is very good indeed on the Spanish background of the book .... As in all the best espionage stories, the personal and the political are inextricably entangled. Read more..

Telegraph, Jeremy Jehu:...hugely atmospheric .... addictive...Read more..

The Sunday Times, Joan Smith: accomplished debut. Read more..

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