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Washington Shadow by Aly Monroe - 5 November 2009

The war is over. The game has begun.

Washington Shadow by Aly Monroe - hardbackSeptember 1945. Britain has won the war but faces bankruptcy. John Maynard Keynes leads a delegation to Washington to beg for a loan from the US. On his second mission, Peter Cotton finds himself caught up in a shadowy battle for peace and influence involving an extraordinarily attractive girl from the US State Department, a Soviet ex-tank commander claiming to be his opposite number, an African academic, a code-breaker called Tibbets, a boss with a very quick fuse … and an Anglo-American conspiracy that will shape the post-war world.

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Mike Ripley on WASHINGTON SHADOW: ...Set in the economic crisis immediately after WWII … it beautifully captures the political skulduggery going on between supposed allies, the pomposity of formal diplomacy (and the British class system) and does something I never thought a thriller could: it makes economics interesting...

The TLS, Sean O’Brien: ... The Social Concerns of the Thriller .. Read more..

Guardian, John O’Connell : ...Wonderfully atmospheric. …. Excellent.. Read more..

The Literary Review, Jessica Mann:...Cotton … becomes both observer and victim of Britain’s diminishing power and influence ... the atmosphere of the time and place is .. vividly evoked.